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    WMAW (

    this is uhhh, interesting. never looked that strongly into this viewpoint. I wonder what some of my asian followers men and women, would think of this?

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    Yo this comic represent my teenage life 110%. Typically, statistics show that asian males are least desirable in studies of online dating websites and other things. I think it’s because asian men are viewed as passive and sometimes not aggressive enough. In today’s society, being not aggressive pretty much means being feminine or as the fitness community would call “BETA” and not “ALPHA”. I’ve went through these hardships plenty of times when I was younger. It’s crazy you found such an accurate depiction, Kendall, Thank you for sharing. 

    A well thought out post about the unique experiences of men of color that isn’t instantly derailed to be about something else? Good on ya tumblr!

    (via nerdgirlextraordinaire)

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